RSU 16

Mechanic Falls - Minot - Poland

3 Aggregate Rd, Poland, ME 04274

Phone: (207) 998-2727

Fax: (207) 998-2753

Kenneth J. Healey Superintendent (Ext. 101)
Craig Worth Director of Operations (Ext. 113)
Amy Hediger Curriculum/Professional Development Director (Ext. 104)
Stacie Field Business Manager (Ext. 102)
Lauren Hendry Administrative Assistant (Ext. 103)
Carol Depot Payroll Service Manager (Ext. 106)
Stephanie Brochu Accounts Payable/Benefits Specialist (Ext. 105)
Holly Day Special Education Director (Ext. 112)
Tracy Watson Special Education Administrative Assistant (Ext. 110)
Jean McNally Registrar/Transportation Secretary (Ext. 111)
Ellen Dore Food Service Director (998-5400 Ext. 107)
Kim Roth School Psychologist (NCSP) (Ext. 115)
Jenny Rose RSU16 Adult Ed Director / Homeless Liason (345-3217)
Jeri Cook Adult Ed Administrative Assistant (345-3217)
Linda Chaisson RSU16 Tech Director (998-5400 Ext. 103)
Karen Hill RSU16 Data Specialist (Ext. 114)

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